Pregnant Hookup Anime

There are many niches in everything, and sexual anime (hentai) isn’t any different. The same as real porn movies, hentai is divided into many smaller topics. Everybody can find their favorite anime quickly. This article will focus on one hentai genre that’s more popular than an average person would say. Pregnant hookup anime is the favorite sexual content of millions worldwide. Let’s see why.

pregnant anime girl

Similarities & Differences Between Real Porn with Pregnant Chicks and Hentai

Porn clips with pregnant women are popular because many men like watching them. It may be a surprise to some people that pregnant hentai is even more popular. The reason must be the limitations the human body has and imagination. Porn movies with pregnant chicks are ok, but they lose mobility because of the bellies. Also, they’re alive, so watching a gang bang on a pregnant girl is too much for some men. But those who like that kind of porn can’t stop thinking about it and watching it. That’s the main similarity between pregnant porn and hentai. Both are addictive. Most fans of that porn genre want to experience it in real life. To achieve that, they join a local pregnant hookup site on which pregnant singles upload HD profile photos. That gives enough material to have fun even before the chatting starts. The same goes for pregnant hentai fans. They get lucky online too. We guess that’s the second similarity between porn and hentai.

But pregnant hentai offers so much more than normal porn because imagination is limitless. There aren’t any porn movies where aliens penetrate pregnant chicks or inflate them with enormous amounts of cum. In hentai, that’s completely normal. Also, characters in hentai usually have enormous cocks, tits, and asses. Too big even for the porn world. That’s without mentioning all the imaginary characters from hentai. Their tentacles are usually big enough to do the All the way through. Yeah, that’s another difference. Impossible sex positions and acts make hentai attractive to creative people.

pregnant hentai girl

Versions of “Pregnancy” in Pregnant Hookup Anime

Everything is possible in most hentai genres, but in the pregnant niche, crazy stuff happens. Most of the time, the pregnant chick isn’t carrying a child at all. And if she does, it usually isn’t human. However, some sexual acts are more popular than the rest in such anime. The first of the couple we’ll mention is oviposition. That’s when an alien (or any other non-human being) impregnates one of the girls in the hentai. The word impregnates is a bit misused there because those girls don’t get pregnant. Aliens use their cocks or tentacles to lay eggs inside a girl’s body. She later gives birth, or the creature burst out of her body. Something similar to Alien, but much much sexier.

The second, already mentioned sexual act popular in pregnant hentai is the all the way through. Usually, aliens with big tentacles penetrate pregnant girls through the mouth and exit on their pussies or asses. It can go the other way around, from the pussy or ass through the mouth. In some hentai, men have cocks big enough to perform all the way through.

The third and the most popular sex act from the pregnant hentai genre is cumflation. It must be so popular because it’s impossible in real life. Also, men probably want to be able to cum as hard. But again, they’re competing against aliens most of the time. No one comes close to aliens in cumflation. They stick their long tentacles deep in hot chicks and come inside until girls start looking like they’re pregnant. That’s one of the cases when the girl in the pregnant hookup anime isn’t pregnant at all, although she looks like it. We can’t wait to see what sexuality and creativity will prepare next for hentai fans who can’t stop fantasizing about pregnant hotties.