Top 10 Waifus

If you’re keeping score at home, we’re three for three so far with year-end Nutaku pieces. We’ve walked you through some of your favorite genres, before we showed you the crème de la crème of what you’ve been playing this year. But there’s something we left out of the convo so far – or more accurately, somebody.

Let’s face it: Nutaku owes everything to anime girls. A cornerstone of our business, in fact, is the deeply held belief that 2D girls are precious and need to be protected at all costs. But of course, while we love all of them equally, some of them simply become bigger stars than others. Based on your votes, we’ve brought together a list of the sexiest, most wife-able waifus of 2021.

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Honorable Mentions

But first – let’s dive into some special shout-outs. These are gals that didn’t quite make the official “top ten,” but got enough votes outside of our survey choices to include. Think of them as write-in candidates!

Booty Farm’s reliable redhead Mindy was one of the girls that got a ton of love over the past year, and it’s easy to see why. She’s a sweet girl next door with a sexy twist, not to mention a capable farmer and shrewd businesswoman drawn with spicy Western ‘toon pizzazz. Of course, some of you were more in the mood for a classic anime girl, which is why Crush Crush’s Ruri also ranked high in the survey. The bespectacled gamer girl is a complete cutie, and her cat-ear hoodie makes her extra huggable. Don’t try to hug King of Kinks’ Rin, though – the busty and heavily armored swordswoman will probably stomp you down in seconds flat. (Well… Maybe you’re into that!)

Megan (Busty Biz)

Megan kept it squeaky-clean in 2021, and apparently, so did a lot of you! The sexy, demure housekeeper was extremely popular, which checks out if you ask us. Plenty of us are still locked up inside and living in our own filth, so the idea of a clean home is almost as sexy as Megan’s slender body and luscious highlighted locks. Almost.

Raven (Booty Calls)

There’s a lot of talk about “big tiddy goth gfs” on Twitter these days, and it makes sense. A soft, cuddly girl to squeeze while she makes your blood run cold by talking about death is the ultimate fantasy, and the spooky Raven fits the bill. Always decked out in black, with hats a-plenty and plenty of skeletal alternate outfits, she’s the quintessential kinky goth girlfriend. Ironically, sex with a spooky girl makes the world seem a little less scary, huh?

Hot Doctor Ao (Magicami)

If you say ‘hello nurse’ to the esteemed Doctor Ao, she’ll likely stick a thermometer where the sun doesn’t shine. The bespectacled blue-haired babe didn’t go through medical school for that kind of disrespect! Jokes aside, Ao’s popularity speaks to the appeal of being pampered and taken care of by a medical professional. Sexy anime doctors are an evergreen fetish, and Dr. Ao can take pulses with the best of ‘em!

Claire (King of Kinks)

What is it about submissive elf girls that anime fans love so much? Is it the kinky collars they usually come complete with, or is it their adorable pointed ears? Whatever the case, Claire scratches that old school otaku itch with style, decked out with flowing black hair and stacked to an comical degree. Her 10-Star outfit is classic anime fetish art that’s just… chef’s kiss.

Pink Princess (Chick Empire)

What makes Chick Empire so fun is how it blends reality and fantasy, with real porn stars getting down n’ dirty with total fantasy babes. Pink Princess falls into the latter category, hailing from the magical Fable Kingdom and entrancing natural violet hair. Despite her royal heritage, she’s total porn star material, and loves getting lost in her daddy domme roleplay kink.

Golden Bunny (Harem Heroes)

“You mean the Chaos Sex Toys?” chuckled Golden Bunny.

Memes aside, it seems like plenty of our players gathered all five Chaos Sex Toys last year and tapped into Bunny’s secret power. Golden Bunny is both a charming reference to a classic video game and a capricious anime cutie, rolled up into a busty and bouncy package. Once the were-rabbit transforms, only the hardest and most brutal of sex can satisfy her!

Alexis (Fap CEO)

A little seasoning goes a long way, and you don’t get much more seasoned than Alexis! The MILF-y porn industry veteran is not only a skilled and capable businesswoman, but a total femdom diva eager to teach new stars the ropes… quite literally. The kinky exhibitionist mommy domme’d her way into plenty of hearts last year, and if we’re being honest, she’ll probably keep us under her thumb in 2022!

Sadie (ReBless Zwei R)

Music soothes the soul, and Sadie knows that better than most. The bejeweled and hippie-adjacent dancer plays beautiful music on her pan flute as she moves her body to the rhythm. Apparently, plenty of y’all were dancing to the same groove with the busty musician last year! Rock on, moon children.

Suzu (Crush Crush)

Generally speaking, you probably shouldn’t anger a goddess by destroying her statue. But if you’re lucky, you might accidentally summon a sexy catgirl who wants nothing more than to have sex and commune with nature! Feline goddess Suzu is one such case, as the sweet-natured deity communes with animals in-between fulfilling her ancient carnal lust. Better start praying if you want her to visit you next…

Haruka (Sexy Airlines)

Sexy Airlines is so damn… well, sexy. It threads the needle between reality and fantasy so well, with characters grounded in reality doing kinky things that’ll only happen in our wettest dreams. Haruka is one such case – the sexy Japanese fashion diva would absolutely never join a sex work airline, let alone stoop to banging customers. But with her grounded design and flirtatious, princess-like attitude, she feels just within your reach.

Whew! That’s a lot of ladies – and can we just say, some choice picks. We’re seriously impressed by not only your dedication to your beloved waifus, but in how diverse and eclectic our audience’s kinks are. Nutaku’s got one of the coolest fanbases in gaming, and their taste in anime gals is a testament to that.

Now tell us – was your favorite girl here, or was she MIA? Give us a shout on Twitter and tell us your favorite girls of the year, and who you want to spend more time with in 2022. We can’t wait to hear from you, and can’t wait for another year of adult gaming fun! Happy New Year… or would that be “Fappy New Year”?