Top 10 Genres of the year

We’re impressed! Nutaku fans spent thousands of hours across hundreds of games in 2021. Whether you were tapping away to build your mobile empire, or solving puzzles to score a date with an anime cutie, you helped make this one of our best years ever.

So now, with 2022 right around the corner, we wanted to relax for a second and wrap up the year all tidy-like. And to kick things off, we’ve got Nutaku’s top ten genres of the year! These are the types of games that kept you busiest (and thirstiest) through 2021, and honestly? You’ve all got great taste. No, really. Pat yourselves on the back.

Alright – enough touching yourself. On with the show!

Action & Adventure

What – the state of the world wasn’t enough of an adventure for y’all? Apparently not, because action & adventure games got a lot of love this year. Maybe you were screwing your way across ancient China in Chick Dynasty, or became the horniest lord in human history with King of Kinks. Heck, maybe you decided to enroll at Bouncy College and fight your way across a futuristic city! Whatever the case, we’re glad you took your journey with us.

Role-Playing Games

We’ve all got a role to play, and this year, ours was dishing out top-notch RPG epics for you. Games like Eros Fantasy and Horny Arcana gave you mysterious lands to explore and powerful warriors to conquer – in between getting it on with buff warrior babes, that is. Magicami even gave you the chance to slip into the thigh-highs of a magical girl, which is definitely the kind of roleplay we can get behind!


When everything’s on fire, sometimes all you can do is sit down and say, “yeah, this is fine.” And once you’re in that zen-like state of dis-attachment, a good casual game is the perfect soup for your soul. Plenty of you took a chill pill this year, with laidback classics like Booty Farm and Crush Crush. Whether you built the sexiest farm rural America has ever seen, or just met up with a load of cute actresses in Casting Agent, you knew how to take it easy.


What makes a good strategist? Is it the ability to rule the criminal underworld with an iron fist, like in Angry Bangers? Or is it grand conquest on a global scale, like in Eiyu*Senki? Don’t ask us! Whatever the case may be, plenty of you little brainiacs worked out two muscles at the same time with our strategy offerings. We wish your gangs and armies all the best going into the new year – just don’t sic ‘em on us.


Did you know Nutaku is the Western publisher for DMM Games, one of Japan’s premier hentai companies? If you didn’t, now you do! And now, it probably makes a lot more sense why we’ve got so many incredible JRPGs on our platform. Hot new releases like Mahoroba Youjo KitanUNITIA and Mist Train Girls delivered polished role-playing goodness, while the horny and bawdy TenkafuMA! took the genre to new heights with innovative combat and the most realistic hentai sex in a mobile game last year.


Some people really like the idea of “adventure,” but aren’t so keen on the whole “action” thing. Great news – that’s where straight-up adventure games come in! A whole bunch of you struck out on quests of your own last year, and your friends and family probably haven’t heard back since. Maybe you got too head-down in managing a strip club and seducing dancers in Gentlemen’s Club. Or maybe you got sucked into (and sucked off in) the epic hentai playground of Harem Heroes. Either way, we salute you, brave traveler.

Turn-Based RPG

Last year, most of you didn’t care if your RPGs were from America, Japan, Korea, or anywhere else in the world. There was only one thing that mattered. You had a fever, and there was only one cure: turn-based RPGs. So many of you little animals liked being told when you could do something, and hey – we’re not judging! Plus, with kinky fantasy freakfests like Long Lost Lust and sprawling (sprawled out, even) hentai epics like Lusty Odyssey, waiting your turn has never been this fun.


If you’re the sort of person who fidgets constantly and can’t ever seem to sit still, there’s a whole genre for you. They’re called clickers, and if you haven’t checked any out, you should join the thousands of Nutaku fans that enjoyed them last year. Take all that nervous energy and use it to seduce gorgeous stewardesses in Sexy Airlines, build a sexy political dynasty in Kink Inc., or recruit girls to build a camming empire in Fap CEO! Just tap, tap, tap your way over to the tag and check one out.


Puzzle games are like undressing a lover. You’ve got to be delicate, plan ahead, and never rush things… unless they ask you to. Of course, we’re not saying that clearing lines of blocks or colorful shapes are going to make you better in the sack. But if you’ve learned how to lavish partners with attention in Booty Calls, or push all the right buttons on squirming anime babes in Project QT? Well… you’ve got more of a leg up than you think, tiger. So, join all the puzzle players that made 2021 a great year for the genre with those classics, or dive into something new like Like Heroes!


Some days, you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and go, “I’m not doing literally anything today.” And if the popularity of Idle games are any indicator, well, a lot of you had days like that last year. Or weeks. Months? Maybe it was the whole year. Whatever the case, it didn’t matter – you got loads of great porn for doing almost nothing! Games like House of Sin and Porn Tycoon are so minimal, you’ve just got to tap away every few hours, then put the game down and get right back to napping. Wake up, get off, rinse, repeat. How’s that for a lazy Sunday?

Whether you conquered demons or captured helpless anime girls, and whether your crops were plentiful or your criminal empire flourished, we hope you had fun playing with Nutaku in 2021. Don’t worry – it was good for us too! 😉