The Sakura Series – Sakura Space

Lesbians in space. There you go. That’s all you needed to know.

Wait – it isn’t? You need more to go off of? Fine, then. Sakura Space is part of the venerable Sakura franchise, which we’ll be taking a deeper dive into over the next few months. If you’re unfamiliar, the Sakura series is a collection of barely-connected games centered around yuri escapades of any and all flavors. Say you want to play a modern-day dating sim one day, then a challenging rogue-like RPG the next. The Sakura games have got you covered!

Sakura Space takes the franchise to the stars with a sapphic sexual odyssey through the perilous depths of outer space. As the captain of your humble vessel, you have to navigate the treacherous journey through the final frontier with skill and care. Because it’s not just your life on the line – you’ve got a whole crew of capable cuties to watch out for! If this all sounds really stressful, don’t worry. All of the space travel in this thing is set dressing, as the gameplay is all strictly visual novel.

And like many of the best visual novels, Sakura Space lets you spend all your downtime with a roster of impossibly beautiful anime gals. When you’re not charting your course through the stars, you’re tracing the constellations in your crew’s eyes as you spend precious time with them. Through well-written and snappy conversations, you’ll learn more about the future and get a better sense of the worlds you’re exploring.

Plus, let’s not beat around the bush. Just about every girl in Sakura Space is an eligible bachelorette, and luckily for you (and the player-character,) they’re all incredibly gay. Play your cards right, and you’ll get to spend some sexy quality time with futuristic android cuties and intergalactic alien beauties. With no men to spoil your fun, there’s lots of lusty lesbian fun to be had, meaning that all our yuri fans in the audience will have plenty to sink their teeth into.

By being a bunch of futuristic lesbian porn, too, Sakura Space actually does something most big-budget games don’t! This is a diverse cast of queer women in a far-flung sci-fi setting, with multiple arresting story arcs and an interesting world to explore. How many other titles on the market, adult or mainstream, can say that? Not many, we think! One of the best parts of the Sakura series is how much good eating it is for lesbian fans, and Sakura Space is no exception to this rule.

If you’ve visited your “favorite shop on the Citadel” or “finished the fight” one too many times, Sakura Space is the different breed of sci-fi you’ve been looking for. Tapping into the best parts of its franchise, the visual novel takes spicy yuri action to the stars and infuses it with a healthy dose of great character development and storytelling. Plus – that fully uncensored art? Chef’s kiss. Magnifico.

Sakura Space is ready to blast off on the Nutaku Store right now!