Casual Idle Dating Sim Sexy Space Airlines

Casual Idle Dating Sim Sexy Space Airlines

These days, it feels like billionaires are the only ones that get to go to space. Sci-fi promised interstellar travel for all, a laser gun in every home, and a hyperspace drive in every flying car – so what gives? Unfortunately, humanity’s history among the stars is being written by the priciest pens on the rarest paper, and that doesn’t seem like it’s changing any time soon. But thanks to Nutaku, you get to live out a sexy space fantasy way more interesting than chrome-domed plutocrats’ little trips to orbit with Playduction’s Sexy Space Airlines!

Casual Idle Dating Sim Sexy Space Airlines

A direct sequel to the developer’s hit Sexy Airlines, this far-flung space opera takes everything that made the first game a hit and cranks up the thrusters to eleven. It’s the same click-based idle gameplay featuring spicy chats with sexy ladies, but with a riveting sci-fi narrative and more streamlined mechanics that’ll keep you hooked for hours. Instead of traveling the world and experiencing its rich diversity through a series of sexual escapades, you’re tasked with kickstarting a successful interstellar airline business.

Why, exactly? Because a group of mysterious benefactors thinks you can make them a lot of money, that’s why! You’re brought out from cryo-sleep, given a ship, and told to grind money by flying to strange new worlds and warping where few have warped before. As you unlock new destinations, you’ll bring on an eclectic cast of interesting women that’ll command ships and steward flights. During their downtime, you’ll get the chance to chat with your co-workers, learning their backstories and eventually inviting them to join the… well, it isn’t really a ‘mile-high club’ now, huh? Jeepers.

Casual Idle Dating Sim Sexy Space Airlines

These women are the bread and butter of Sexy Space Airlines, as they’re the main thrust of the package. Sure, you’ll be charting courses, upgrading your starship, and managing the billions of space-bucks your airline (spaceline?) is raking in. But this is all in the name of unlocking new gifts and upgrades for the girls.

What makes this work is that the dialogue has a ton of thought put into it, and explores legitimately compelling sci-fi narrative threads. You’ll meet and seduce a liberated sex robot who learns to reclaim her autonomy, a stowaway alien princess thirsty for adventure, a grizzled bisexual bounty hunter who tracks and takes down sexual predators… the list goes on.

Casual Idle Dating Sim Sexy Space Airlines

In Sexy Space Airlines, the roster of female characters aren’t just transparent fetishes with paper-thin personalities. The developers have taken their sexy and humanistic dialogue from the first game, then spiked it with an infusion of interstellar intrigue and moral dilemmas. In other words – if you’re a big sci-fi geek that wants your space travel done smart and female characters full of depth to match their sex appeal, well, this is probably the game for you.

So if you’ve traveled the world several times over in Sexy Airlines, why not set your course for the stars? There’s a galaxy of alien cuties waiting to meet you and take control of your fastest spaceships. Do you have what it takes to not only be the leader your crew needs but the hero that the lawless future has been waiting for? It’s time to find out about Sexy Space Airlines.

Casual Idle Dating Sim Sexy Space Airlines

Summary of Game

Space. The Final Frontier. For Sex.

This spin-off of Sexy Airlines is based in the far future where mankind has mastered space travel to take adventure-seeking tourists to different parts of the solar system and beyond to discover strange new worlds and new civilizations. To bang them as no man has done before.

Combining the idle management gameplay of Sexy Airlines with a new card system, grown-up Hentai art style, and a fresh setting paying homage to the greatest Science Fiction shows and movies, Sexy Airlines tasks you to build a space travel empire by upgrading your spaceships, unlocking new planets and hiring the sexiest Flight Attendants from around the galaxy – from quirky humans to Robots and Aliens.

Message and send them gifts to build your affection. Finally enjoy their bodies in Zero-G or on alien worlds. Live long and get them all!

Casual Idle Dating Sim Sexy Space Airlines

Key Features

·       14+ destinations – from the Moon to strange alien worlds with their own native species

·       12+ girls to seduce (more being added every month)

·       60+ uncensored pictures and animations (more being added every month)

·       Messenger-style interactions

·       PC and Android.

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